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Episode 40 – Today! We Are Canceling The Apocalypse!

It’s New York Comic Con! Jon attended! Return of the Jedi with the New York Philharmonic! Mr Robot Season 3 with the E-Coin launch party! No Punisher at NYCC! There was a new Justice League Trailer! And a Pacific Rim 2 trailer! Jon saw the first 20 minutes of the new season of Agents of SHIELD! Castle Rock and Runaways trailers from Hulu! There’s going to be a Bob’s Burgers movie!

And the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer dropped!

This week’s Hot Picks:
Stugots — BeatlesLectures.com
Jon — The Wicked + The Divine

Geekodrome is the weekly round table discussion of all things geek with your hosts Jon and Stugots.

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