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Agents of DAISY

I have been watching Agents of SHIELD since it started in 2013. Notice that I didn’t say “enjoy.” Over the 4 seasons of the show the focus has annoyingly become all about the Daisy character. This is the only problem with the show for me but it is the main one.

The series should have always been about Phil Coulson as he leads his team around the MCU. The Coulson character became the breakout character from the first Avengers movie. Seconded only to Loki but lets face it, we aren’t going to get Tom Hiddleston to do a TV series and that’s ok but I digress. Coulson’s character is great. Clark Gregg  is perfect in this role. From the first time we meet him in the initial Iron Man film, you can see that he nailed the role and over time as the role grew, the actor playing Phil Coulson gets better.

Now though, it seems like his role has gotten smaller and the Daisy character has gotten larger. I believe the whole second season was all about her and her family. Then about her powers and then her love life. Blah blah blah blah. Enough please. Let me be clear, this is not a knock on the actress, Chloe Bennet, who plays Daisy. She is adorable and plays the role well. I am just not a fan of the character’s expanded role in the series. 

Even is the current story arc of Agents of HYDRA, Daisy is the difference maker. Coulson “wakes” up and the first thing he says is “DAISY!” and I lost count of how many times we have heard the phrase “We have to save Daisy” or “Where is Daisy?” etc. Enough already.

Regardless of where the MCU goes with the Inhumans story line, I don’t think that the Daisy character is the nucleus for it. Coulson should be. He is the one character that ties into all of the other MCU characters (Netflix series aside BUT that should change, honestly).

While I will continue to support the show, since I do enjoy it overall, I will still hold out hope that the focus shifts back to Coulson.


Keep banging.

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