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Car Chases on TV.


My youth was better than yours. Well, my generation’s youth was better than your generation’s youth. Why? Because we had tv shows with crazy car chases, beautiful women and reluctant heroes. You guys have Big Bang Theory.

I feel bad for you, really. Why? Because you will never the joy of watching The Dukes of Hazzard, Knight RIder, The Fall Guy, Automan, Street Hawk and of course Rockford Files, So for my blog this week, I will share some of my favorite car chases from TV as a follow up to my blog last week which chronicled the best car chases in movies. This blog will be slightly different, in that I may not list an individual scene in particular but you will get the gist of it.



Most people do not remember this show and if you do, congratulations. You are a nerd. This show was a buddy cop show mixed with Knight Rider and Weird Science and Tron. The dude drove a Lamborghini and made 90 degree turns.


The Fall Guy:

Colt Severs. He was a stuntman and a bounty hunter. It was part Smokey and The Bandit, part A-Team. The character is another perfect example of the reluctant hero, that I posted about before.  I know this show is going to be made into a movie starring The Rock but man, I wish I was able to buy the rights to this and make the remake. The intro song is classic and will come up again in a later blog post on TV theme songs for sure, so I won’t go into too much here. Instead let’s take a look a car chase from it.

Knight Rider:

Man this show was lightening in a bottle. It has been remade several times, unsuccessfully. Mainly because I feel like it depends too much on CGI. KITT was the cat’s meow. The quintessential 80’s car. When Michael hit that Turbo Boost button, I marked out. Every damn time.

Then they went and added Super Pursuit Mode:

I don’t even know why they added it but it was cool.


This show promised a gigantic car chase and wreck in every episode and brother, it delivered.


Street Hawk. I know Shell did a blog post talking about Rex Smith last week. She posted how she was all gaga for him. She even posted a pic of his in his underoos. I know know if the dude was circumcised or not. Gross, I know. You won’t see me posting gratuitous sex like she does though, but I digress. Street Hawk may not have been around for long but the show gave us a the best motorcycle chase scene ever in a TV series. (Fast forward to the 3:50 mark.)


Finally, the great car chase scene ever. Yep, it is from the Rockford Files. Jim was the man.


Sorry that the quality on some of these isn’t great but for me, that adds to it. So I guess that I am not too sorry really. I didn’t mention The A-Team, Starsky and Hutch or Hunter or Magnum P.I. because I plan on bringing them up in future posts on other topics.


Keep Banging.

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