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Bad Ass Chicks? Nah, Bad Ass Nerds!

Last week on episode 11 of Geekodrome, we discussed Bad Ass Chicks in great detail. Shell took to her blog this week to add to it. Well, because this is 2017,our fellow nerds need to get their due in the bad ass spotlight. Sure, bad ass chicks like Wonder Woman, Black Widow and Xena are awesome, but where would they be with out us nerds.  Now I am not talking about the man boy’s of The Big Bang Theory, mind you, I am talking to bad ass nerds that didn’t take any BS from their hero counter parts.

Norman Tuttle (played by Joe Regalbuto)

Yeah, Street Hawk was a cool show about a motorcycle riding vigilante. But where would our hero, Jesse Mach be? He would have sitting behind a desk for the rest of his police career. He would have been reduced to having a window seat to the war on crime. Norman gave him the tools he needed to fight crime.


Bonnie Barstow (played by Patricia McPherson)

Who was Bonnie Barstow? Ask Michael Knight and KITT. Bonnie kept the wheels spinning and the microprocessors humming of the Knight Industries Two Thousand all while around in the back of moving semi truck. Think Wilton Knight’s miracle car would have lasted long with out her? Guess again. Bonnie was so bad ass that after she left, they had to bring her back to get things right as rain.


Phil Coulson (played by Clark Gregg)

I can go on and on with this list. From the co pilot to Blue Thunder to Q of the James Bond Franchise but I wouldn’t want to kill any list that other people have going on. Instead, I will just tell you about the most bad ass nerd of them all. He is the mack daddy of nerds. Samuel Jackson would hand over his “Bad Mother Fucker” wallet to Agent Coulson. From his vintage Captain America trading card set to Lola, the dude is full on nerd. As for bad ass, the man stands up to a demigod with no fear at all. He assumes control of SHIELD more than once. He came back from the dead. Has a robot arm. And on and on and on and on.


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