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Thoughts from Episode 11 – Bad Ass Chicks and more!

There are so many bad ass chicks on tv and in the movies, it really is hard to whittle it down to the best, the most I can do is whittle it down to my favorites.

Personally I like when bad ass chicks are also beautiful. The whole “more than just a pretty face” thing. A bad ass Lena Dunham or Amy Schumer just wouldn’t do it for me, and I guess Hollywood agrees, otherwise they’d already have franchises that I’d be boycotting.

Notable kickass and beautiful ladies that I forgot to mention during the show are Angie Dickenson from Police Woman, the lovely and talented Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality and Rose McGowan as Cherry Darling in Planet Terror. I apologize.

On to the ones I didn’t forget.

Milla Jovovich.

Can someone who looks so incredibly beautiful even be from this planet? I say Hell No! The aliens are here and they are trying to appease us with their beautiful females. If you’d prefer not to subscribe to my conspiracy theory then maybe you’ll believe that she was born in Kiev in 1975 and she began her modeling career at the age of 12 and by 13 she was acting.

Her performance in The Fifth Element is nothing short of amazing. Add to that her recurring role as Alice in the Resident Evil movies and Ms. Jovovich just may be the most successful bad ass chick on the big screen. The Resident Evil franchise has made over $1.2 billion dollars worldwide so far (source: BoxOfficeMojo.com).


Eliza Dushku.

I know Sarah Michelle Gellar is THE vampire slayer but for reasons unknown my favorite ass kicker from Buffy and Angel has always been Eliza Dushku. Something about her makes me think that maybe when she has some down time, she’s still out and about and all out of bubble gum.

Have you seen Dollhouse? You absolutely should. It’s a little West World, a little Blade Runner and just a tad bit of Memento. Also she was great in Tru Calling, another series for you to check out on your Eliza Dushku binge watching weekend − which is a thing you should totally have.


Linda Hamilton.

She didn’t kick ass a lot. HOWEVER! All of the asskickery she did in Terminator 2 makes her more than worthy for this category.

An AKM assault rifle in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Bad fucking ass. Yeah yeah, smoking’s not good for you, but it sure did make you look cool back in the day.

Sadly James Cameron was clearly too knee deep in making Titanic to give Sarah Connor multiple sequels. End of the world, killer robots, time travel, kick ass Sarah Connor and assault rifles. How did he not know these things went so well together? Booo James Cameron. Get your head out of your ass and get this woman in another Terminator movie.

More Linda Hamilton is more better, so once you’ve had your fill of Terminator 2, do check out the show “Beauty and The Beast,” which also starred future Hell Boy actor, Ron Perlman, as The Beast.


Cynthia Rothrock.

If you said “Who?” then shame on you. Rothrock is the female Chuck Norris. She has 60 movies under her (7 black) belt(s) and I can personally think of no other chick who has kicked ass more or longer. (One of those black belts is of the 8th degree variety.)

Watching this Best Fight Scenes video really reminds me what I didn’t love about the new Iron Fist series on Netflix. None of the main players looked nearly fluid enough in martial arts to be warriors or senseis. They looked like actors who were taught their moves on the fly.  Whatever weapon she’s using Rothrock looks like she’s at home using it, because of course, she is. She gets my total undying respect for being all bad ass all the time. She continues to act and also teaches martial arts in SoCal.

Alrighty, that’s it from me, for now.

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